Let us help you recover

up to 30% of your production expenses.

How does it work?

At La Charito Films, we specialize in financing audiovisual productions through the tax deductions provided by the Corporate Tax Law.


According to this law, production companies have the right to deduct part of the costs of production, promotion, and exhibition from their corporate tax quota.


Additionally, they have the option to transfer this deduction to other contributing investors, in exchange for their support in financing projects.


Specifically, deductible costs in an audiovisual production can generate:


    • A deduction of 30% on the first million of expenditure.

    • A 25% deduction on amounts exceeding the first million of expenditure.*

This deduction applies to the production of feature films, short films, as well as fictional, animated, or documentary audiovisual series.


For live shows, musicals, or other performing arts productions, up to 20% of direct production and exhibition costs can be deducted.*

*Consult the specific regulations for Bizkaia, Navarra, and the Canary Islands.

Guarantees of structuring the tax operation

La Charito Films


At La Charito Films, we are experts and pioneers in carrying out this type of operation. Given the high number of projects we finance each year, in 2023, alongside the film-specialized lawyer, Sara Tortosa, we created La Charito Legal. Our aim is to provide comprehensive structuring services with the highest guarantees of success, both in attracting investors and ensuring legal rigor in operations.


Our expertise as a film and theater production company, combined with our legal department, provides us with extensive knowledge of the entire production process, from funding acquisition to production phases. This enables us to support and strengthen producers by optimizing the generation of tax deductions for their projects. Through careful analysis, we maximize the available tax benefits, ensuring the highest possible financing contribution.

Tax Deduction Advance


At La Charito Films, we have a portfolio of investors who trust our services each year for optimizing their tax bills. This allows us, after studying the projects, to be able to advance the financing contribution of the tax deduction at virtually any time of the year.